Blub (that's fish for "blub")

This project is about moving fish and a shark around a tank.

Aquarium Upgrade

A sort of "blubgrade".

This project involves having a button dedicated to adding in fish, in addition to the features of the original Aquarium project.

Ball Bounce

Bouncing and bouncing

This project is getting two ball images to bounce off the walls and off of each other.

Business Card

For professional occasions

This project is a digital business card, simple as that.


Just like the title

This project is a digital collage of different images.

Dice Rollers

Good luck!

This project is about rolling two digital dice and looking at the probabilities of each roll.

Media Trolls

Social Media

This project is a report about trolls on social media.

Number Array

Title explains it all.

This project generates a large group of numbers and orders them numerically, then offers some statistics.

Interesting Technology: Neural Networks

How to teach a computer to teach itself

This project is a report about the fascinating world of neural networks.

Pet Store

For dog people and cat people alike!

This project is a pet store price calculator.

Pet Store 2

For lizard people and bird people alike!

This project is a pet store price calculator, with a few upgrades added.

Recipe Project

How to cook!

This project is a recipe for how to cook chorizo. Enjoy!

Space Invaders 1

Beep boop it's an alien

This project is a simulation of how the enemies moved in the original space invaders.

Space Invaders AI

Beep boop it's another alien

This project is a demonstration of creating a basic AI to chase around the player.

Blip Bloop

1 versus 1 action!

This is a game where two players duke it out as Blip and Bloop, jumping on platforms and shooting bullets.